In the course of 20 years, Ovimo Plastics has procured a position in the international market and forms an important link between vendors, producers, and end-users in the plastics industry.

Ovimo Plastics is active in all of Europe and looking to expand operations in the Baltic States, Turkey and Greece.

Our strength lies in the guaranteed quality of our deliveries of shredded materials. Our lasting relations with our customers are proof of this quality.

Ovimo Plastics is, as an environmentally conscious company, now and in the future, your partner in recycling!

We see the future primarily in extending our own shredding operations. Aside from procuring empty and full crates, new markets are opening up. Not only industrial scrap material and waste is suitable for recycling: there are also numerous possibilities when it comes to municipal solid waste. Far too many recyclable plastics are simply thrown away, ending up damaging our environment. This is where Ovimo Plastics perceives new opportunities.


Ovimo Plastics, your partner in recycling