Ovimo Plastics was founded in 1994. At the time, we focused mainly on buying and selling recycled plastics. However, the demand for these products increased so fast in such a short time that in 1997 we expanded our operations to include recycling.

Now we buy bottle crates, PET bottles, bottle caps, and plastic pallets from companies and vendors, so that we can shred these to create the base materials for the plastics processing industry. We have created a smoothly operating storage and distribution system to supply our customers with the desired materials as fast as possible.

Over the years, Ovimo Plastics has amassed thorough and expert knowledge about every aspect of the plastics market. We have set up an international network through which we work together closely with many important European companies. Thanks to our excellent knowledge about the plastics market, our know-how in the area of plastic recycling, and our strong international ties, Ovimo Plastics has developed into a recycling company of great repute.